"Straight Up Menace" is the 10th track on Moon Man's The Killing Moon. It is a remix of "Streiht Up Menace" by MC Eiht. It was produced by Malcolm Night.

The song's subject matter is one of Moon Man's favorites: killing niggers. Moon Man also tells an anecdote in one verse about Star Man killing a kike, although Star Man does not perform in this song.


Lyrics Edit

String your punk ass up for the Triple K clique Moonman's in the motherfucking house, gyeah And it ain't nothing but a White thang y'all And these ain't nothing but niggers on the run And this goes out to the niggers, gyeah

A fucked up genome, is why the way you are It's got you like a chimp but you can steal a car, mmm I'm here to help you, but nah you don't hear me though If not for me another victim of the ghetto Ain't no escaping, nigger, here i come The thought of killing a nigger like you got my cock sprung Thank me off the top, 'cause elsewise I figure That you'd go down by the hands of another nigger Make the stats look like niggers ain't no good Like we got the homies shooting other homies from the hood They need a role model I've been putting poison in nigger baby bottles, damn But thanks to the motherfucking jews There are laws that protect coons So I guess I gotta do work so I ain't finished It's a perk to be a straight up menace, gyeah

Uhh, come on y'all Straight up menace

These pavement apes, living in the projects Getting paid off the clucks and the county checks I'm killing 'em up at the high school, never do I wonder That a nigger's proper place is five feet under Gyeah, I'm kicking it in the ghetto where the cars are tacky Burned down the corner store, owned by the fucking Pakis See a kike in the right lane so I comes with the mack And Starman pulls a motherfucking jack from the back Now he's got the strap to the commie's head See it sing a snitch tune and cry like a bitch He shot that nigger in the fucking head Then we took all his shekels and raped his wife till she was dead I don't send you to the hospital bed Niggers are worthless punk motherfuckers so I paint the ghetto red Gyeah motherfuckers, I ain't finished Be on the lookout for the straight up menace, nigger

Uhh, whassup y'all Straight up menace, damn Really, really Straight up menace, damn

I just don't stop I'm a-coming for you nigger like a seasoned cop I hate fucking niggers like Kidz Bop And on top of that I'ma make you watch while fucking one of your hood rats I ain't got time for a fucking sob story Niggers on the planet are in my territory Ain't no more welfare after this Niggers come, and they get done on they own risk That's what it's all about And the music that I make will cause another chimpout You don't step to the Moon I've been making good in the hood, homeboy, I thought you knew So in the process to show the world my best No time to react, you caught two in the chest Now look who's down, I guess you're finished Taken out by a straight up menace, nigger

Uhh, come on y'all Straight up menace, damn

And on and on You apes are outta here We're coming for you niggers, better run And it ain't nothing but straight up menaces, damn Just like I said before y'all It ain't nothing but a White thang And Moonman's in the house for the Triple K clique And this one's for the niggers, gyeah

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