"Strong Violence" is the 2nd track on Moon Man's The Killing Moon. It is a remix of "Strong Island" by the J.V.C. Force. It was produced by Malcolm Night.

Snipars, Star Man, and Cloud Man are guest rappers in the song, and Audrina Patridge also has a few lines.

The song has four rap sections separated by choruses. In each section, Moon Man alternates verses with one of the guest rappers: first Snipars, then Star Man, then Cloud Man, then all three. Cloud Man DJs the song and performs an extended turntable scratch solo in the middle of it.


Lyrics Edit

Gas the kikes Race war now 420 blaze it faggot

[Audrina] Warning: This life contains strong language, strong sexual content, strong drug use, and strong violence

Listen to the situation my son I'm as serious as cancer, all fun is done For the time, the beat'll correspond with the rhymes The two is valid, the best you will find

[Snipars] Livin' in UK, shit can get too gay Rather rock the robes of K-K- Kool with the lynching Klan, keep a handle If you're a spook I'll wax you down like a candle

Moonman, I'm a red piller Part time iller, permanent chiller Jigaboo killer, the horror in vanilla Unlike the rest the best I am a thriller

[Snipars] Stab it or shoot it, rape it or execute it But either way, the two are constituted Smiling and wilding, always gentiling We keep trooping with a style called strong violence

Strong violence

[Starman] Strong violence

Strong violence

[Starman] Strong violence

I have a rep to protect, my enemies I dissect I was born to rape and slaughter, and now my cock is erect

[Audrina] All praises due

That's my new high priest She got the talent, eating it up like a Sunday feast

[Starman] Chasing all the commies back to the East Or better yet, just leave 'em deceased Straight from the shaft, all trouble released You want a slice of the cake? Well chew on my piece

I need a scratch, now my battery's banging Sorry for the pause but I just left a nigger hanging I'm good to go so that you know my words flow I got the voice that's choice like ATT demo

[Starman] Line 'em up and make 'em march like my man Andrew Jackson My body count and Ben Franklins just maxing So I smoke glue while I stomp on a jew And every night I'm hunting niggers in the gear I accrue

Taking daily shooting sprees with heavy casualties Spraying up a nigger schoolyard makes me hard Money ain't the object but I got it to fling I'm stacking Franklins like I'm banking with a major drug ring

[Starman] Step up on the platform, fag, if you're so irate We complete with defeat, it's not up for debate Test your skills if you will, don't let us trouble your fate We're the almighty KKK-Unit, the Moon and his mates Who wants some?

Strong violence

[Cloudman] Strong violence

Strong violence

[Cloudman] Strong violence

Wiping out niggers is a worthy cause Mister Cloud, cut the beat while we take a short pause

[Cloudman] Word [scratch solo]

Like a video game, an errorless computer The style is wild, real-life first-person shooter Cruel and unusual, casual but brutal You know the Moon's the whole kit and caboodle

[Cloudman] The voices on the set are your magic potion You'll plow through niggers like a train that's in motion Faggot jew cucks hear the n-word and panic I run 'em over, grabbing coins like I'm Sanic

Killing Moon is known to rock the mic right Excelling through the air like a Raptor in flight I could chill to the max or stir the pot like a kike But either way on any day I'm guaranteed to excite you

[Cloudman] Here's a preview of our latest debut What's coming next, don't try to answer 'cause you ain't got a clue You could bite

But it's not wise

[Cloudman] 'Cause I'll make you chew Now watch and learn, Cloud and Moon'll gas a million or two

I chill with Star and Cloud, snipe a spic and a jew Then tear up the stage at the hottest venues Roll down the windows in the limo when we're leaving a spot 'Cause every city's got a pack of niggers waiting to get shot

[Cloudman] Keeping the streets clean with righteous abuse I keep it fresh with the nigger-killing rhymes I produce Dėdė Miegas of the Klan, aka Cloudman Keep talking if you want to feel the backside of my hand

Strong violence

[Snipars] Strong violence

Strong violence

[Snipars] Strong violence

You say Moonman it's too soon, man, we need more time But me and Snipe are gearing up for yet another war crime Potent like a dank purple drank of a dime I'm older than your grandpappy, but I'm still in my prime

[Snipars] On all things I pull strings, you're the board I'm the dart And in the workplace, you're the horse I'm the cart You're my servant permanently designed for my needs You're a mutt and I'm a fighter classified as full breed

How do you spell "relief"? I spell it K-K-K To break it down even more B-R-E-I-V-I-K I'm like H-I-T-L-E-R, I'm an N-A-Z-I Yes a K-I-L-L-E-R on a shooting spree

[Starman] Yo reminisce with a bliss, all the niggers I diss And for the commies, behind my style there's a fist This is hate, real hate, not pasta or bait The KKK-Unit made it, you know it's got to be great

We're all White, and if you're not, meet us down at the bank I got a message for you, nigger, written on this plank Take the lump out your throat, don't try to play like we're friends 'Cause all you know is the KKK-Unit did it again

[Cloudman] Go tell your posse what we told you, boy, and get up off my cock The fact to be do is that you're on my jock Don't try to play you didn't know that I knew I had to renovate my dick for thug suckers like you

We all know how the story goes Time after time, your jealousy's shown You're burning up inside, but that don't bother the Moon 'Cause I just killed another nigger and I'll kill you too

[Snipars] Strong violence

[Starman] Strong violence

[Cloudman] Strong violence

[Audrina] Strong violence

[Moonman & Snipars] Strong violence

[Moonman & Audrina] Strong violence

[Starman & Cloudman] Strong violence

[Moonman, Snipars, & Audrina] Strong violence

[Moonman, Starman, Cloudman] Strong violence

[Snipars, Starman, Cloudman, Audrina] Strong violence

Strong violence


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