In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the su-monster is an ape-like magical beast. They resemble large monkeys with gray bodies, black faces and tails, and red paws/feet. Their limbs are tipped with sharp-claws, and their faces usually bear a fiendish, toothy grin. Su-monsters were supposedly created from a hybrid of primates and humans by a mad mage to protect his personal forests from psionic intruders, but the foul creatures have since killed and broken free of their former master, and now pursue their own lives.

Characteristics and habits Edit

Su-monsters are highly evil and territorial beasts which exits primarily to cause pain, death and suffering to others. They lurk in small to medium sized family groups in such areas as a well-traveled forest trail, and kill those who dare cross "their" territory (usually merchants and other travelers). They attack by waiting in the trees and then surprising victims who come below by volting down with their tails and latching onto heads. They then slash with all four clawed limbs. They can also attack with their teeth. Su-monsters, though hateful and vicious to others, are highly protective of their own kind, and if one of a tribe is being attacking by a defending victim, they will move as though under a Haste Spell in order to assist it. They particularly despise psionic beings, and will go out of their way in order to slay them. Su-monsters like to keep the valuables of those they kill in troves high up in their leafy lairs. The creatures are also sometimes employed by other evil mages (like their original creator) to act as guards.

Despite being relatively intelligent, su-monsters cannot speak. They are chaotic evil in alignment.


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