Forgotten Realms City
Country Tethyr
Ruler Queen Ellesime
Population <5,000 (est.)

Suldanessellar is a fictional town located within the nation of Tethyr, part of the Forgotten Realms universe of Dungeons & Dragons. The city is populated entirely by wild elves. Suldanessellar was created by the unification of two wild elf tribes; the Suldusk and Elmanesse. Despite being a significant town, featuring heavily in Baldur's Gate II, Suldanessellar is not inhabited all year round by the elves - rather it is a meeting place between the tribes, and as such the dwellings there serve to house delegates and peoples from either of the tribes. The town was built amongst the treetops of the Wealdath (or the Forest of Tethir), and as such is well defended versus any possible invaders.

Landmarks Edit

The chief landmark of Suldanessellar is the large palace which is supposedly home to the elven Queen, Ellesime. The Queen's eternal youth is said to be preserved by the nearby Tree of Life which is located within the palace itself.

The Temple of Rillifane is Suldanessellar's only holy site. In Baldur's Gate II, the resident Avatar grants the player character with a gift, should he place some special item on the altar.

Creatures & people Edit

The dragon Nizidramanii'yt inhabits Suldanessellar. It is considered one of the most powerful dragons within all of Amn, his enhanced magics and huge physical strength ensure a difficult battle for any willing to face off against him.

Perhaps the most significant ex-residents of Suldanessellar are the exiled Jon Irenicus and his sister Bodhi. Jon Irenicus is an extremely powerful mage, with a large dungeon located in the city of Athkatla. Irenicus is referred to by the residents of Suldanessellar as simply "the Exile", and has used dark magics to induce longevity on himself. His sister Bodhi however, has long since become a vampire and inhabits the graveyard district of Athkatla. Both of these characters feature strongly in Baldurs Gate II: Shadows of Amn.

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