Leroy "Sun Man" Washington is an African-American rapper and lead member of the NAACP who makes frequent guest appearances on Moon Man songs. He most often plays an antagonistic or subversive role, but on rare occasions he will side with Moon Man. Sun Man makes appearances on the large majority of Moon Man's albums.

Sun Man was Moon Man's boss during the height of the Mac Tonight era. He also played the role of Moon Man's therapist. Sun Man witnessed the beginnings of Moon Man's genocidal quest and, for reasons that remain unclear, resolved to secretly help him see it through to the end (although he will often drop the pretense of secrecy). His actions more than his words indicate that he is an ally rather than a foe to the Triple-K Mafia, of which he is a member, but his inconsistent behavior and the fact that he's a nigger make him highly unpredictable.

It appears Sun Man has a limited degree of immortality. Every time Moon Man kills him in a song, he returns in another without comment. It is mentioned he has at least a dozen children, whose names he does not know. He often brags about his welfare checks, paid for by white people.