Real name Walker Calhoun
Background Texas Ranger
C.O.P.S Position Sheriff Marshall
Trademark Features A pure cowboy with a curled mustache, who is a master of lasso handling and a very fast gunslinger.
Extra Specialty Talks in a Western accent. Often is seen in a policeman's uniform.
Significant Episode Appearances The Case of The Pardner in Crime, The Case of The Missing Memory, The Case of Big Bad Boxoids, The Case of The Kangaroo Caper, The Case of the Ready Room Mutiny.
Voiced by Len Carlson

Sundown is a cartoon character in the C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists) series from Hasbro which ran from 1988-1989.

Character ProfileEdit

Sundown is the best gunslinger in the entire state of Texas and beyond. Extremely fast on the draw with his two rifles he keeps in his gun holster which can be found on his hips at all times. He's an excellent lasso handler too. In the toy series however, Sundown has a back pack that shoots out bolos to catch Crooks that are trying to escape. Sundown appears as a cheerful looking cowboy with a curled mustache and a sheriff's uniform, but in many episodes of the series he also wears a Cops officer's uniform along with a ten gallon hat, a sheriff's badge and a belt with two gun holsters on each side of his hips.

Major HighlightsEdit

The Case of The Big Bad BoxoidsEdit

Sundown is a "robot whisperer." He sweet-talks computers and robots into cooperating with the humans just like one does with misbehaving dogs and stubborn horses. He displays this unusual talent in this episode when he coaxes a computer to cooperate with Mainframe when it went haywire on her while doing research on boxoids (Robot machine made to replace human boxers in the future). He then coaxes "Old Bucket", a broken down Boxoid, to battle with Berserko, who was riding on one of the Boxoids he and his pal Turbo Tu-Tone have stolen. In this caper, Berserko and Turbo, at Big Boss' orders, stole three of the best Boxoids and used them to steal the maser melter from a construction site, using them to meltdown the city's power plant and blackout the whole city unless the city gave into Big Boss' demands. After learning that the metal that made the Boxoids can rust, Mainframe supplied a special saltwater solution that will rust Boxoids quickly. However, Sundown had another idea to stop the Boxoids and paid a visit to the fight manager, who told him about how Boxoid Boxing is played and shows him "Old Bucket" which Sundown is able to sweet talk into helping him stop the Boxoids and save Empire City from a major blackout.

The Case of the Pardner in CrimeEdit

Sundown had a partner, who became a notorious train robber named Johnny Yuma, who escaped from prison to take on Sundown in this episode. In this caper, BulletProof tells the C.O.P.S. about Sundown and his ex-"pardner", Johnny Yuma and how this ex-deputy became greedy and turned himself towards a life a crime, beginning to commit train robberies for a long time until Sundown was able to capture him and put him in prison. Sundown, upon learning about what happened, insists on taking on Yuma all by himself. He even tried to prove that point by lassoing Mainframe and Barricade, tying them up to a street sign that's part of an exhibit display at the Crime Museum, and leaving them behind to struggle themselves free. However, Yuma, later on, began to make amends for his actions against Sundown during a gunslinging bout with Big Boss' minions, who are attempting to rob a train before Johnny does. Together, the 2 cowboys both stop the crooks and halted a train robbery attempt in the process. In the end, Yuma, seeing the error of his ways, reconciles with Sundown and renews his partnership with him before returning back to his hometown to serve the rest of his sentence and to make amends for what he did back in Texas as a criminal.

The Case of The Missing MemoryEdit

In this episode, Sundown, while suffering from amnesia after being knocked out by a fallen street light, unwittingly teaches Big Boss' Crooks all the tricks and traits of what it's like to be a cowboy, not knowing that this is part of Big Boss' plot to use Sundown as a pawn to commit an armored truck robbery. Sundown later regains his memory and helps the C.O.P.S. team put a stop to the heist and nab the rustlers along the way.

The Case of The Kangaroo CaperEdit

Sundown had to go after Rock Krusher and Louie the Plumber, who not only kidnapped a famous Australian boxing kangaroo, but Whitney Morgan as well. The two crooks were holding them both prisoners at the Empire City Park in a forested area for ransom. Sundown was able to track them down, freeing Whitney and the kangaroo - who had a little joey tucked inside her pouch. With the help of this special kangaroo, Sundown was able to take down Louie and Krusher and placed them both under arrest.

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