"Sunman's Answering Machine" is a skit in which Moon Man leaves a machine on Sun Man's answering machine asking him for help. It is the outro to Singles: Volume 3. It was produced by Spyro.

Lyrics Edit

[Sunman] Hello, you have reached the domain of Sunman. I cannot be here to answer the phone, and if it's you Moonman, I swear to fucking Christ I will rip your head off and stuff it into my blender, blend it up, and make a vanilla-flavored milkshake. Please leave a message at the tone.


Yo it's Moonman here. I am calling you to ask if I can borrow some fried chicken. Some nigger cops are after me and I need to get them off my tail. I figured the best way was to get some KFC, so I could lure them away like a dog going after a bone. And if you won't give me any chicken, then I'll kill you, you worthless nigger. And while you're at it, steal some money from your jew friend and give it to me. It will have some good use when I'm buying more weapons to kill the other races. So send the money to the local school by tonight, or else I will knock out your lights.