"Supergroups Leader" is a song about Supergroups Leader, performed by Supergroups Leader. It was created for the Camel Fukkker album. Moon Man makes a brief appearance near the beginning and end of the song.

Lyrics Edit

[Moonman] PE Productions

Supergroups Leader is here, and he will gas jews The gas chambers are much too overuse I remember when I had two hundred jews in one Arabs get shoot with my Nazi gun

I am Supergroup Leader and I am a Nazi I am so famous I got more than one paparazzi I press the buttons in the concentration camps I am a leader in a group with high ranks

I killed over tousand of jews in my work experience 1944 it was the jews, today it's the syrians I will lynch every arab with my pocketknife I will beat them with my truncheon and put the oven on 5

After the jews get gased, I force other jews to get them out with shovels If they won't do it, they will get in troubles I will smash their faces, I will kill their children We will kill arabs but this time over six million

Niggers will get lynched, arabs will be killed The gas chambers are built Look at the jewish race, there are only a few left I kill jews, nor only for theft

One time a jew called me a friend I tortured him, too much time I spend I am the real Nazi and everyone should know it I call every jew a hypocrit

Not jews are the problem, arabs are the real goblins They are hairy, bombing creatures of a sunny land I would lynch one of them if he would give me his hand Jews are stingy and stole my expensive gem

I will lynch every arab, it's for sure There is no way how anybody could cure

Supergroups Leader is mad now I will buy a farm and hold jews like cows

Niggers, niggers, niggers nig⁣gers nigg⁣ers I hate the arabs and I will torture them Niggers, niggers, niggers nigg⁣ers nigge⁣rs I hate the arabs and I will torture them

Supergroups Leader is mad now I will buy a farm and hold jews like cows

[Moonman] KKK

Supergroups Leader

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