Symkaria is a fictional Eastern European country created by Stan Lee for the Marvel Universe.

Nation InformationEdit

Location: The Balkans, near Transylvnia and Latveria
Government Structure: Parliamentary monarchy, with a fractious three-party system ( Symkaria's current patriarch is King Stefan, and its prime minister is Alphonse Gallatik)
Travel Advisories: None, though Symkaria's northern border to Latveria is closed.
Sanctions: No sanctions are in place. Symkaria has become a center for European war crimes trials.


Symkaria is a Balkan nation led by a royal family that has ruled more or less benevolently for three centuries.

Site OverviewEdit

A small European nation that borders Latveria, with whom it has friendly diplomatic relations, Symkaria is home to the criminal fighter and mercenary, Silver Sable and her Wild Pack. The Wild Pack is a mercenary force, focusing on humanitarian and Nazi-hunting missions, that is one of this primary economic forces for the country. Symkaria is also home for the V-battalion, a secret organization dedicated to protecting the world at any cost.


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