Tama Hudson was a fictional character from the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street.

Tama Hudson is Victor Kahu's nephew. The country-bred teen arrived in Ferndale with his family in 2001.

It wasn't easy starting a new life at a new school - and neither was coping with his parents' break-up and his mother's high academic expectations. Tama had to fight for permission to leave school and follow his dream, but has proved himself as a talented young chef.

He faced responsibilities of a different kind when he got Shannon pregnant, and their newborn baby Te Ngakau died. But his experiences have made him a stronger person.

He loves music, and writes and performs hip hop. He and Shannon ran the hospital cafeteria and started a successful catering company.

The death of his aunt Anne Kahu in a tragic building collapse hit him hard, and Tama was looking forward to a future with Shannon, whom he planned to marry later in the year. The revelation of her affair with nurse Vinnie Kruse and the arrest of his Uncle Vic knocked him for six.

But you can't keep this intelligent thoughtful young man down for long. He concentrated on building up his cafeteria business with Shannon and their reconciliation was complete when they married in a beautiful and moving Christmas Day wedding.

Shannon and Tama's world was disturbed by the arrival of Tama's cousin Eti, to live with them. Barely grown ups themselves, they found themselves surrogate parents to a 15 year old boy who they hardly knew. But their family bonds were further strengthened - the arrival of baby Rangimarie was a wonderful moment in his life.

After Shannon's return from up North (where she had the baby),Tama and Shannon's marriage went through a bad patch.

Shannon ended up leaving Ferndale with Tama's cousin Whetu. Tama left Ferndale after five years and went to Australia.

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