Dungeons & Dragons Deity
Title(s) Her Beneficence, Her Mercy
Home Plane Elysium
Power Level Lesser Deity
Alignment Neutral Good
Portfolio Life, Light, Mercy
Domains Dragon, Good, Healing, Strength, Sun (Family)

In the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Tamara is the dragon goddess of life, light, and mercy.

Tamara is the kindest and most benevolent of the draconic deities. Some mistake this quality for weakness, but such beings never make this mistake twice[attribution needed].


Tamara's clerics are healers, but also deliverers of death to those who try to escape it. They destroy all undead creatures they encounter, especially draconic undead[citation needed].

Tamara counts Pelor among her allies, and Falazure, Hextor, Nerull, and Erythnul as her bitter enemies.


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