Tamsyn "Tam" Armstrong is a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Home and Away. She has been portrayed by Gabrielle Scollay since September 2007, and left Summer Bay in early November 2007 with mother Heather McCabe and half-brother Brad Armstrong they moved to Tasmania.

Character Edit

Tamsyn showed up unexpectedly in Summer bay and is staying with her half brother and sister Brad and Rachel Armstrong while her mother is in a recovery treatment facility.She is the result of an affair Dr. Robert Armstrong had 15 years prior. She is portrayed to be quite the trouble maker and a brat. She has been noted as stealing, hanging out with the wrong crowd, and smoking in Rachel's home.

Geoff Campbell had recently shown a romantic interest in Tam until she stood him up. Tam has also been flirting with Aden Jefferies.

Tam's mum, heather has recently come back from her clinic. She told Tam they're going to stay in Summer bay. But Heather was soon back to gambling. Tam was pleased to be staying in Summer bay with Brad and Rachel.She recently started dating Aden Jefferies but he ended up humiliating her by having his friends film her getting drunk and making out with him before sending it to half the school's mobiles.

Tam has now moved to Tasmania with Brad and her mother.

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