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TaraElla is a plus-sized model, celebrity blogger and singer-songwriter. She has been writing and performing music since 2003. Previously, she mainly worked on music without lyrics, but is currently focusing on making music with vocals, which began with the release of the first single Beauty in 2010. She is, however, most notable for her cultural projects.


Early AlbumsEdit

  1. Party Magic (2009)
  2. Beauty (album) (2010)
    1. Beauty (single) (2010)
  3. Anthem of Idealists (album) (2011)
    1. Anthem of Idealists (single) (2011)

More Recent ReleasesEdit

  1. Beauty 2013 Remix (digital single) (2013)
  2. Anthem of Idealists 2013 Remix (digital single) (2013)
  3. The Real World is Overrated (single) (2014)
  4. Not That Kind of Retro (single) (2014)


Original Publications 2008-2013Edit

These included books containing mainly articles taken from TaraElla's books and blogs. They often had numerous references to contemporary events. These include:

  1. The TaraElla Way to Life
  2. Freedom and Empowerment
  3. The Self Made Star Book
  4. Multicultural and Inclusive Spirituality
  5. These were also numerous books written in conjunction with the TaraElla Values Group.

Short eBook Publications 2011-2014Edit

These are shortened eBooks, mainly taking out the contemporary references and some other details from the original publications. These include:

  1. TaraElla's New World Vision
  2. TaraElla's Self Made Star Book (2014 Revision)
  3. TaraElla's Way to Life (Compact eBook Edition)

Recent PublicationsEdit

These are the current actively promoted books.

  1. Be A Star in Life: A Collection of Life Empowerment Articles (2014)
  2. Ideas for the World's Future: A Collection of Cultural, Social and Politically Themed Articles (2014)
  3. The World Needs Marriage Equality Now (2014)


Eastlands Dreaming (2010)

Cultural ProjectsEdit

TaraElla is most noted for her cultural projects. She self-identifies as a liberal, but not a politically correct one. Some people, however, consider her a third force in the cultural wars.[1] Her cultural projects are detailed in the following sections.

Sunny Apple Mag ColumnEdit

TaraElla wrote the celebrity blog Sunny Apple Mag Column from 2011 to 2014. However, in February 2014 she transferred editorial control of the column to a team of writers, called the Sunny Apple Team. She continues to be available for advice and occasional contributions, however.[2]

Participation at Quarter Life FightbackEdit

TaraElla is one of the founders and major participants in the project 'Quarter Life Fightback', founded 2013. [3] Quarter Life Fightback is a project about a unique way to deal with the phenomenon of the Quarter Life Crisis. [4]

Right Now (Marriage Equality Song) and International Marriage Equality Vote PledgeEdit

TaraElla is a staunch supporter of marriage equality.

In 2014, TaraElla recorded a song called Right Now (Marriage Equality Song) for the International Marriage Equality Vote Pledge movement.[5]

TaraEllaCS Computer ProjectEdit

The TaraElla Computer System (TaraEllaCS or TECS) is a system demonstrating a possible way to use the computer in accordance with the TaraElla Computer Lifestyle principles. It is currently based on OpenSUSE.[6]


TaraElla has received plenty of criticism from both conservatives and liberals, for her cultural projects and the stances they take.

Conservatives have taken issue about her stance on marriage equality and her pro-welfare stance. They have argued that she can't be truly pro-family if she wants to 'destroy marriage'. But she and her fans have argued that gay marriages don't destroy marriage, and welfare actually benefits families.[7][8]

References Edit

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External links Edit

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