Tasuku Meguro in his waiter's outfit

Tasuku Meguro (目黒 侑 Meguro Tasuku?) is a fictional character in the manga series Tokyo Mew Mew à la Mode, a sequel to Tokyo Mew Mew. He is the childhood friend of Berry Shirayuki, the main hero of the story.


Tasuku is raised by a single mother.[1] It is never said what happened to his father.

When Berry's mother died, Tasuku found her crying behind the church because her mother always hugged her and she was upset that no one would hug her anymore. Because of this, he gives her a hug, promising to give her a hug every day, even if she doesn't want one; he never breaks that promise.

Every morning he arrives at her house and gives her a hug, though it appears to annoy Berry.

He is hypnotized by the Duke and runs away. He acts very cold and dressed in black. Berry, who has at this point fallen in love with him, kisses him to bring him back to his senses. After this they become boyfriend and girlfriend and start Cafe Mew Mew's rollerblading delivery service.

Tasuku has a lot of energy and appears to be obsessed with Berry, because he likes to walk her home, jumping into her window every morning, to give her a hug. This could all go back to his promise to Berry, to keep her happy. He makes Berry skip school when she pretends to have a headache to go on a date. He does this because Berry was acting weird after she got her powers. When he realizes that she is normal, he goes to get a drink, and Berry transforms to fight the evil. At first, Tasuku does not notice the fact that Berry is a Mew Mew, but he ends up seeing her tail, which was sticking out of her skirt. Soon after he discovers the truth when she must transform again to fight the Chimera Anima she thought she defeated.


  • Name Translation: " Tasuku"= save, help, " Me"= eye, " guro"= black. His last name fits the same pattern as the names of the three other boys in Tokyo Mew Mew, who were named after areas in Tokyo (Aoyama, Akasaka and Shirokane),[2] referring to Meguro, Tokyo.
  • Name Pronunciation: Tah-soo-koo Meh-goo-rou - It should be noted that the 'su' part of 'Tasuku' is pronounced like an "s", making the pronunciation more like Tahs-koo.
  • Age: 12[3]
  • Birthday: July 14th[1]
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Blood Type: A[1]
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black/Gray
  • Love Interest: Berry Shirayuki
  • Skills: Can move around quickly. Plays guitar.[3]
  • Hobbies: Hugging Berry. Being around Berry.[3]
  • Motto: "Berry is my priority!"[3]


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