Trade Wars Ship
Taurean Mule
Basic hold cost: 28,000
Main drive cost: 10,000
Computer cost: 10,300
Ship hull cost: 15,300
Ship base cost: 63,600
Maximum figs per attack: 150
Maximum holds: 150
Initial holds: 50
Maximum fighters: 300
Turns per warp: 4
Mine maximum: 0
Genesis maximum: 1
TransWarp drive: No
Transport range: 5
Maximum shields: 600
Offensive odds: 0.5:1
Defensive odds: 0.5:1
Beacon maximum: 20
Long-range scanner: Yes
Planet scanner: Yes
Photon missiles: No

The Taurean Mule is an intermediate ship in the fictional TradeWars 2002 universe.

It has the weakest combat odds of any available ship, including even the Colonial Transport. The Mule's major advantage is its long range scanning capabilities, which the Colonial Transport lacks. The Mule also has the fourth-highest trading efficiency, trailing only the T'Khasi Orion, Imperial StarShip, and Merchant Freighter.


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