Pre TeamsEdit

Before the traditional team of six superheroes, there were the apprenticeships. During this time a young aspiring superhero would be paired with an older superhero to learn the trade. Pairing was usually done by word of mouth or networking. During this time there were few organized teams and no governing bodies.

In the early 1970s there was an outbreak of superheroes going bad; some becoming vigilantes and some even villains. This trend may have been due to several factors, but OMNI believed peer accountability would help curb the trend.

The first Team of SixEdit

In 1974 OMNI founded the first team of six. Using sporting terms to describe the Team, each of the members of the team held a ‘position’ that they ‘played’. This team structure became the standard all modern teams were modeled after. The first superheroes to ever hold the positions are considered the ‘First Team of Six.’ They are as follows:

  • Leader -OMNI
  • Healer -Mercy
  • Hitter -Kodiak
  • Stealth -Anti-Ghost
  • Brain -Vector
  • Anchor -Longbow

Team StructureEdit


This position requires the ability to lead, inspire confidence, talk to the public, settle disputes, and coordinate with other teams or law enforcement. The powers for a leader can vary widely.


The healer must somehow be able to heal others in superhuman fashion. This person is usually adept in emergency medicine, disease control, biology, and environmental poisons. Aside from the healing ability the healer can have other abilities that can be used by the team.


This position calls on physical strength and the ability to take punishment. In combat the hitter is usually at the front of the pack. Hitters have been shown to have several other powers that help in combat. First and foremost the hitter is a fighter.


This position has evolved as technology has evolved. A stealth was a person who could get in and out of buildings. Invisibility or other stealth skills (lock picking, disarming alarms systems, etc) were the standard. Now a stealth’s roll has expanded to that of spy or hacker, while not fully becoming a brain.


This position was originally called ‘the mental’, but was quickly replaced with ‘the brain.’ This position was considered very important by OMNI, he could see how important technology would be in the future. Great mental capacity along with almost any power or powers can be considered a brain. Brains that can read minds or detect lies are particularly useful.


The anchor of a team can have almost any set of powers. When putting a team together this is the miscellaneous position that helps round out the team. The powers of leaders and anchors can be similar. Anchor is considered the wingman of the hitter and needs to be up to the task.


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