After the initial phase of his Mac Tonight career had ended, but before he had achieved worldwide notoriety as a rapper, Moon Man was hired by AT&T Labs to record his voice for a text-to-speech program in development. The resulting text-to-speech voice was AT&T Mike, which sounds exactly like Moon Man's voice and can be accessed online. Moon Man will sometimes hijack websites that use the AT&T Mike voice, such as the Moon Man Makkker, in order to communicate directly with his studio producers.

With success on the horizon in the project to digitally reproduce Moon Man's voice, AT&T Labs hired some of Moon Man's friends and enemies to record their voices as well, and other text-to-speech developers followed in AT&T's footsteps.

The following is a list of Moon Man associates and their corresponding text-to-speech voice. This list is not complete. The Resources page shows where some of these TTS voices can be found.

Person Text-to-speech voice
Audrina Patridge AT&T US,Crystal
Charles Moonington AT&T UK,Charles
Cloud Man AT&T US,Mel
Dylann Roof (Meteor Man) AT&T US,Ryan
Goofy Clown Face Cepstral Duchess
jews From Text To Speech John [with higher pitch]
Leeroy AT&T US,Mike [with lower pitch, somewhere around -3]
Mars Man Cepstral Dallas
Moon Man AT&T US,Mike
Moon Kid Acapela: Harry (Child)
Niggerstein Acapela: Will (LittleCreature) [-6 pitch, as fast as possible]
OG DankSwank Microsoft Sam
Paco the Spic AT&T Spanish,Alberto
Pilleater Ivona Ivy
Reinhard Moonstag AT&T German,Reiner
Snipars Mac, English (United Kingdom), Daniel
Snow Man Ivona Joey
Star Man AT&T US,Ray
Sun Man AT&T US,Rich