The Celestial Triad is a set of fantasy novels by Traci Harding. The story follows a 20th century Australian woman who is transported to 5th century Wales in an attempt to change the future. Major themes within the series include time travel, martial arts, magic and psychic phenomenon.

Book 1 - Chronicle of Ages Edit

Traci Harding returns to The Ancient Future Trilogy which ended with the 'Chosen' leaving Earth for the further reaches of space. Earth must follow its own path for a time while the Gods battle elsewhere. Noah, storyteller and chronicler, tutors the children born after colonization and must explore the past to fill in the gaps in his written histories. Tory, Maelgwyn and Rhun recall their life and times in ancient Britain when Maelgwyn reigned as High King of the Britons and Tory was a student of time travel and immortality under Taliesin. Rhun became King of Gwynned after Maelgwyn. When Vortipor, High King of the Britons, dies, there is a bloody 4-day skirmish over who should succeed him. Sir Bryce is killed in the action and Rhun is forced to abdicate.

Noah finds himself on a celestial journey through the ethers, space and time as the missing years in his Chronicle of Ages unfold.

Book 2 - Tablet of Destinies Edit

The second book in The Celestial Triad takes Tory and Maelgwyn into the realms of the Devachan, the Fourth Dimension. They and their clan have had many peaceful years on the planet of Kila until Tory's new twin babies, only a few days after their birth, are switched with changelings ... the babies now exhibit all the characteristics of fairy folk and, as with all deva infants, are neither male nor female.

Tory seeks the counsel of the Tablet of Destinies and is told that the changelings are the first of the Devachan to venture into human existence, and that her twins are the first humans to choose to experience the world of the Devachan ... and all the babies are psychically linked. To reclaim their children, Tory and Maelgwyn must journey into the fourth dimension.

Book 3 - The Cosmic Logos Edit

With the Nefilim gone, and all the human races united, it is time for Tory and Maelgwn to unite into one soul-mind and assume their rightful place among the other ascended masters of the Cosmic Logos. But first, they must address the growing problems on Gaia so that their planet of origin may join the new interstellar alliance.

On Kila, Lahmu's newly appointed council is confronted by a major threat to the peace when the Aten space station is mysteriously stolen. Now Lahmu and the young rulers of the intergalactic alliance must track down the culprits before they discover the Aten's time travel function and cast history in chaos.

Tory and Maelgwn struggle to guide their kindred, who remain on the earth plane. But will the Dragon's boys perceive the counsel of their absent parents, before intergalactic war drags humankind to the brink.

Characters Edit

Tory Alexander - The heroine of the story, Tory is a twenty-something Australian woman who is adept at Tae Kwon Do and speaks fluent Brythonic.

Maelgwn of Gwynedd - Former King of Gwynedd, Maelgwn is known as 'the Dragon of the Isle' or simply 'the Dragon'.

Brian Alexander - Tory's brother. Brian is Brockwell's 21st century incarnation. Brian is one of the Chosen.

Candace - Candace orriginated from ? and is Brian's wife. She is the Chosen incantation of Katren, Naomi & Nin Tabitha.

Rhun of Gwynedd - Rhun, former King of Gwynedd, is the first-born child of Tory & Maelgwn.

Sybil - Sybil orriginated from Atlantis and is Rhun's wife. She is the Chosen incantation of Bridgit.

Rhiannon - Rhiannon is Tory & Maelgwn's first-born daughter, conceived from Maelgwn's 21st century incarnation, Miles. Rhiannon is the Chosen incantation of Aella & Annora.

Cadwallon - Cadwallon orriginated from the Dark Ages and is Rhiannon's husband. He is the Chosen incantation of Bryce and Ray.

Rebecca - Rebecca, also known as Pocahontus, orriginated from ? and is Noah's wife. She is the Chosen incantation of Kaliea.

Noah Purcell - Noah orriginated from the 21st century and is Rebecca's husband. He is the Chosen incantation of Selwyn, Seth & Adapa.

Boadicea - Boadicea orriginated from ? and is Floyd's wife. She is the Chosen incantation of Ione, Kya and Nin Lilith.

Floyd - Floyd orriginated from the 21st century and is Boadicea's husband. He is the Chosen incantation of Sir Tiernan.

Neraida - Neraida orriginated from the ? and is Cadwell's wife. She is the Chosen incantation of Cara.

Cadwell - Cadwell orriginated from the Dark Ages and is Neraida's husband. He is the Chosen incantation of Vortipor.

Talynn - Talynn orriginated from the ? and is Ethan's wife. She is the Chosen incantation of Alma.

Ethan - Ethan orriginated from the ? and is Talynn's husband. He is the Chosen incantation of Angus.

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