This article is about a group from the Forgotten Realms computer game. For the British rock band, see The Chill (band).

The Chill is a hobgoblin mercenary group, led by Ardernor Crush, from the Forgotten Realms computer role-playing game of Baldur's Gate. They are one of two bandit groups that are plaguing the Sword Coast, the other being the Black Talons.

There is a certain amount of enmity between the two bandit groups: the Black Talons refer to the Chill as "stinking hobgoblins" while the hobgoblins consider the predominantly-human Black Talons to be inferior and too weak for the job. They share a camp, but only the leaders are able to prevent fighting between the two groups. Both the Chill and the Black Talons have been hired by the same employer for a task which is unknown until the player attacks the camp and discovers its nature.

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