"The Chosen People" is a Moon Man song that was created for the album A KKKhristmas KKKarol. It was produced by Malcolm Night. It is a remix of the Epic Rap Battle of History "Moses vs. Santa Clause". The song is a vaguely Christmas-themed tirade against jews.

Lyrics Edit

Hi guys, it's me, Moonman Happy holidays to my noble White brethren Here's a song about jews

Sweet nose, yiddo, make you look like Toucan fuckin' Sam Keep your shekels, kiddo, I'll be all over this succulent ham I bring fear in the night, gonna getcha dead right Get a visit from a real fuckin' anti-semite I'm from WhiteTopia, 20/20 vision, no myopia I see the future, and I'm gonna put the rope on ya You been a naughty jew, you caused a banking crisis You make more money off Christmas than you do from ISIS They say that Father Abraham had many sons He had the right idea when he tried to kill the first one I read your book, you got a shit religion No bacon, but mandatory circumcision? All you wanna do for humankind is make a buck off it And all the chosen people ever get for Christmas is profit

I'm coming down your chimneytop to reveal the truths of the Earth But I won't be dressed like a fatass Papa Smurf There ain't no reindeer for your sorry jew ass Just two chambers, one full of bullets and one full of gas You need to stop hollywoodin', no-goodin', jewin' And screwin' the whole world into ruin', got a pound of cock for Shylock Don't you haggle me, I'll split your ass in half Like it was the Red Sea, you ain't a victim, you're a slaver Like the pharaohs of old Stop with the exploitation and keep your dirty jew claws off my gold

You're not White, but some of you hymies are passing It's hard to pin you down without repeatedly asking You're evasive, divisive, invasive, derisive You're the antithesis of what real human life is You're a glorified pagan, and your god is a lie The real god is the Moon, and I want you to die

With so much drama up in Israel today They're gonna set off World War III, and I say bombs away Hand me a chisel, I got a new commandizzle for y'all Thou shalt not spare the hebrew, thou shalt kill them all The niggers are bad but too dumb to know better The kikes make a science of evil, down to the letter

Vote five, faggots Like and subscribe I don't care if you're listening to this in mp3 form Just do it


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