In 1966 Terry Nation had the idea for a Dalek Spin-off show for USA, Doctor Who was yet to struck a gold mine (in terms of speaking) in the USA. This Dalek Spin-off show was going to be is colour but by 1966 both of the Dalek Movies (Dr. Who and the Daleks & Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.) had already seen by millions in cinema's so the Dalek Spin-off show wouldn't be unique. Although Terry Nation was determined, he & Sue Vertue approached The beeb (BBC for short) For the idea. His first draft of "The Destroyers" (First episode of the series) was going to cost $44,000, the beeb (BBC) would pay for half of this & the USA TV station (that Terry Nation was going to sell to) would pay the other half, later the beeb (BBC) withdrew. Terry was told for a Dalek story to open with for the new Doctor (Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton ) but him was busy with his Dalek Spin-off show so the beeb (BBC) got David Whitaker (screenwriter) to write The Power of the Daleks. As 1966 turned into 1967 the race was on for Terry to find a stainable TV station who would provide the rest of the money while Terry was busy with this, the beeb (BBC) got David Whitaker again this time time to write The Evil of the Daleks which would have been the last Dalek story so the creature's could go off into their own Spin-off show. But time waits for no man not even Terry Nation, it was far too late so the Daleks Spin-off show was abandoned.



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