"The End of the Beginning" is the final track on Moon Man's KKKiller: The Prequel EP. Audrina Patridge makes a guest appearance in the song with a brief KKK chant.

Lyrics Edit

I'm a crazy motherfucker here Keeping your heart in fear Smack your head with a broken bottle of beer Fucked up your career When I first appeared And made niggers disappear I kill a nigger with his own spear My words are clear The end for you spearchuckers is near I will make the murder rate go high this year If a feminazi annoyed me I will shut her up and fuck her rear All of you annoying high-pitched bitches bring the ring to my ears And for those immigrants You faggots are not innocents You can't even spend a cent on some shit You sandniggers just suck each other's dick You are worse than niggers pushing up sticks All of you immigrants just act poor When you actually have money But you want more than what you asked for And my bullet is the cure I won't stop killing Till our pure White land is secure And that's a thing that I will do for sure I won't stop killing Till I see liberal tears Come on

[Audrina] KKK, kKK

I'm not joking when I say Fuck the immigrants Or when I say that I kill a nigger Don't have love for a nigger I only have love for my trigger-finger itch I will shoot down a nigger bat With my gat While wearing my nigger-hunting hat Shooting you with two glocks is what I call multitask The life of a nigger who sees me will never last You know why? 'Cause his head has gone blast The majority of minorities will die fast The slavery era was never a thing from the past At the border none shall pass I get a jew and bring him the gas 'Cause that kike is a fucking retard You sjws act smart Meanwhile you are dumb as fuck My dick is what you deserve to suck All of you niggers are all out of luck When you see me speed in my ride With my glock on your block I take a failed abortion And stick it up your butt Whip a slave all day KKK, KKK Moonman is out Shoutout to Skullz for the production

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