"The Flaming Side of the Moon" is a hot track from Moon Man's album The Lunatic. It was produced by stompingniggers1488.

Paco the Spic makes a brief, mostly unintelligible appearance in the song.

Lyrics Edit

Oh yeah That is one sick-ass beat

Lynching those filthy apes, hanging them from trees like grapes So then they can stop with the rapes Gassing the hook-nosed kikes So then our America can be pure White

Nigger genocide tonight Our Aryan woman those big-lipped morons won't bite To spread their AIDS and then start gay parades Gay marriage was a mistake

You faggots next I will break And then piss on your body, disembody And sell your organs to the black market And buy myself a new carpet

That doesn't smell like old nigger blood And drag whatever is left through the mud And throw it in the garbage where you came from You fucking scum, drinking cum is all you're good at

You fat rat Fuck off back to your scat But before let me get my baseball bat And make your face flat

[Paco the Spic] Moonman, [spanglish gibberish]

What the fuck are you doing here, you filthy spic? Fuck off or your face will be introduced to this brick Small-dick wetback, you are ruining this track And you smell like pig shit, go back to Mexico with your fat bitch

And never come back Unless you want the police to give you a smack in the back And split your head in two So then I can shit on it and throw it in a bunch of niggers

Next time they want to start a bongo party Moonman for president And next time that happens we'll use the army And ship those niggers back to Africa

Where they can rape goats, babies, and sheboons Without blaming the superior White in slavery Every time they don't get things their way Slavery was the only time you were useful

You smelly ape You make every place you go look like Coon Town And then call me a clown Shut up and fry and my fries

And hurry up if you don't want to have your eyes on it And behold it was left on your ape skull being filled with spit Why can't you people admit That I'll never stop

Until every nigger, every spic, every kike Every gook, every chink, and every mudslime Is made to a subhuman ashes pizza?


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