Dungeons & Dragons Deity
The Glutton
Home Plane Abyss
Power Level Lesser
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Portfolio Disaster, greed
Domains Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, The Glutton is the gnomish deity of disaster and greed. He was introduced in the Races of Stone supplement book.

In many campaign settings, the gnome pantheon of gods consists of the leader Garl Glittergold, as well as Baervan Wildwanderer, Baravar Cloakshadow, Flandal Steelskin, Gaerdal Ironhand, Nebelun, Segojan Earthcaller, and Urdlen (others might be present in specific settings). The Glutton, along with Gelf Darkhearth, Ril Cleverthrush and Sheyanna Flaxenstrand, being introduced in a supplemental book, are not considered canon to the pantheon.


The Glutton is usually depicted as a massive, ravenous badger or wolverine. The Glutton figures prominently in the bedtime stories gnomes tell naughty children -- "Go to sleep or The Glutton will get you!" The Glutton is blamed whenever a burrow collapses or another misfortune befalls the gnomes. It is said that The Glutton was once a gnome who was cursed with a hideous form and a desire to consume the gnomes and all they hold dear (why is not known). His holy symbol is a gaping, fanged mouth surrounded by what looks like a golden band, and what appears to be a smear of pink blood behind it. His favored weapon is the heavy mace.



The Glutton's few clerics are all secretive cult leaders, for no gnomes would willingly allow worshipers of The Glutton into their burrows. New clerics are recruited from among the mad and the hopeless.


Cultists of The Glutton take his name literally when they pray, stuffing themselves with food as they make profane utterances to their evil deity.


The Glutton has no temples. His cultists meet wherever they can find a measure of secrecy.


Rites require a level of organization that The Glutton is uninterested in. If his cultists want a ceremony to perform, they have to create it themselves.


The Glutton's goals are straightforward enough that he doesn't send followers on quests. But the cults that act in his name might send adventurers on quests to acquire more evil power

Herald and AlliesEdit

The herald of The Glutton is a mighty balor. Allies are howlers, greater barghests, and nalfeshnee demons.

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