"The Handmaiden's Tale"
Gossip Girl episode
Nate mistakens Jenny for Serena
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 6
Written by Jessica Queller
Directed by Norman Buckley
Guest stars CariDee English
Kelly Rutherford (Lillian van der Woodsen)

Matthew Settle (Rufus Humphrey)
Robert John Burke (Bart Bass)
Margaret Colin (Eleanor Waldorf)
Sam Robards (Howie "The Captain" Archibald)
Francie Swift (Anne Archibald)
Jessica Szohr (Vanessa Abrams)
Nicole Fiscella (Isabel Coates)
Nan Zhang (Kati Farkas)

Production no. 105
Original airdate October 23, 2007
Episode chronology
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"Dare Devil" "Victor, Victrola"

"The Handmaiden's Tale" is the sixth episode of the CW television series, Gossip Girl.[1]. The episode was directed by Norman Buckley and written by Jessica Queller.[2] It aired on Tuesday, October 23, 2007 on CTV and Wednesday, October 24, 2007 on the CW.


The Masquerade Ball is on the way and Serena doesn't know if Dan wants to attend the event with her. Though Blair points out he would do anything with or for her, Serena isn't nearly as sure as Blair is. When Serena finally, calls Dan up, it turns out that Dan isn't alone, his former best friend, Vanessa, who left the city the previous year after Dan told her he loved her, has just come back home. As soon as Serena heard Vanessa's voice, Dan says it's just his sister Jenny, but it turns out Jenny has just entered Blair's room. Serena looks at Jenny in disbelief, greets Dan quickly and hangs up.

Anyway, Jenny came to Blair for a reason. She was helping Blair organize the Masquerade, hoping to join the event, as well. Unfortunately Blair gives her the cold shoulder. Blair is especially excited for the ball, thinking it will be her and Nate's chance to start over. She is sending him on a scavenger hunt, and his prize? Blair, of course.

Meanwhile, Vanessa confesses to Rufus she came back because of Dan. It turns out that, after some time apart, Vanessa realized she is in love with him too. But, Dan is in love with Serena, and can't help but think about her the whole time he and Vanessa are together. Although Vanessa asked him out, Dan bails on her and catches up with Serena, who is actually bored to death by the guy Blair set her up with at the Masquerade. Serena confronts Dan about his lies and Dan assures her there is nothing going on with Vanessa. Too bad that Vanessa was right behind them and looking hurt. As soon as Dan sees her Vanessa runs away and he runs after her, leaving a very confused Serena. But Dan wasn't the only uninvited masked guest. A disguised Jenny was there, as well, thanks to Vanessa's fashion advice. Jenny tricks Chuck (who didn't recognize her) into waiting for her half naked on the roof. Eager to get his surprise, Chuck is utterly disappointed when little Jenny locks him out.

Serena can't believe Dan ran after Vanessa and talks to Jenny about it in the restroom. Jenny assures her she does not need to worry about Vanessa. Dan and her are just friends, nothing more. Serena seems relieved and, before going away, gives her jacket and her mask to Jenny. Now, everyone thinks Jenny is Serena: Nate kisses her declaring his feelings for Serena, causing Jenny to run away. Dan, who came back after telling Vanessa they should just be friends, sees Jenny running away, so he thinks Serena is still mad at him. Blair tries to keep her from running away, but Jenny storms off anyway. But Jenny does lose a bracelet, so Blair realizes the runaway isn't Serena, but Jenny in disguise.

The Ball wasn't the only event that night. Eleanor Waldorf was hosting a party, as well. Lillian invites Rufus in order to make Chuck's father, Bart Bass, jealous. They kiss and Mr. Bass doesn't seem that pleased, since he goes to talk to Lillian immediately. As soon as Lillian and Bart start talking, Lillian turns her head and sees Rufus leaving the party.

The Ball has finished and Chuck somehow got off the roof and into some clothes. Blair tells Nate they're done, since he didn't even try to look for her at the Ball. Dan and Serena end up meeting and they make it up. And when Dan comes back home, Vanessa is waiting for him. She doesn't want to lose him as a friend and wants to know everything she missed. So, Dan begins to tell her all about Serena and the rest of the Upper East Side world.

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