The JT & Dave Show (formerly Supertalk Mississippi's The JT & Dave Show) is an American radio program on Supertalk Mississippi.


For as long as the JT & Dave Show has been on the air, these two fellas have been stirring the pot of Mississippi politics, Mississippi culture, and Mississippi cuisine. With a little dash of "Hey Y'all" from Scary Gary himself, The JT and Dave Show is seasoned to perfection. Check the JT and Dave page often to find out who will be on the program and what might be said. As they say at the end of every program, "Never Trust Nobody" except for The JT and Dave Show.

The show is notable for its sexual innuendo, dark humor, and political stereotypes.

Notable guestsEdit

Since the JT and Dave Show has been on the air, there have been many guests on the show, most of them politicians.


External linksEdit

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