"The Little Nigger Boy" is a song that Moon Man recorded for his first Christmas album, A KKKhristmas KKKarol. It is a parody of "The Little Drummer Boy" written by Katherine Kennicott Davis. It was produced by /kkkmoon/.

The song tells the story of a foretold future "king of the niggers," who Moon Man slays at birth to prevent the prophecy.

Lyrics Edit

Our story begins as most stories about killing niggers do, in Compton. It was a cold and snowy night, with nothing but hot lead to keep me warm. I was returning home after a night of putting niggers on ice, when three wise Mooninites came to me. They told me of some sheboon that just gave birth to the future king of the niggers. With my glock at my side, I thought I'd pay my respects.

Come, they told me, K KKK K A nigger boy to see, K KKK K My finest glock I'll bring, K KKK K To slay the nigger king, K KKK K KKK K, KKK K

So I will slaughter him, K KKK K When I come

Little nigger, K KKK K I will pull the trigger, K KKK K I'm here to bring you pain, K KKK K I shot him in his brain, K KKK K KKK K, KKK K

All the apes I slew, K KKK K With my gun

I had to kill them all, K KKK K And then I'll fuck their skull, K KKK K I'll blow their kneecaps out, K KKK K Before they can chimp out, K KKK K KKK K, KKK K

Zimmerman smiles at me, K KKK K Me and my gun