The Lunar Voyage is an ambient album released by Moon Man via Moon KKKrew Productions on March 28th, 2016. So far, it is Moon Man's only ambient album. On the morning of April 1st, Moon KKKrew Productions released the second part of the album unannounced, The Next Voyage.

Background Edit

Moon Man describes the creation process in the intro as it being a mix-up of Notorious KKK and Killing Niggers put through a series of electronics to create a completely different song. It was released as a single .mp3 file on Dropbox. The tracks were named by Malcolm Night save for the lead single from the album, The Racist Lunar Cycle. For The Next Voyage, the songs all use Black Lives (Don't) Matter as their base track.

Track listing (The Lunar Voyage) Edit

Track # Track Title Start Time
#1 Launch (Intro) 00:00
#2 The Prime Lunar Cycle 00:27
#3 The Sacred Lunar Cycle 03:35
#4 The Oppressive Lunar Cycle 06:44
#5 The Racist Lunar Cycle 09:55
#6 The Sexist Lunar Cycle 13:10
#7 The Heteronormative Lunar Cycle 16:15
#8 The Xenophobic Lunar Cycle 19:28
#9 The Genocidal Lunar Cycle 23:52
#10 The Superior Lunar Cycle 28:21

Track listing (The Next Voyage) Edit

Track # Track Title Start Time
#1 The Aryan Lunar Cycle 00:00
#2 The Nigger-Killing Lunar Cycle 03:21
#3 The Antisemitic Lunar Cycle 06:43
#4 The Islamophobic Lunar Cycle 10:04
#5 The Intelligent Lunar Cycle 13:25
#6 The Healthy Lunar Cycle 16:47
#7 The Deadly Lunar Cycle 20:08
#8 The Able Lunar Cycle 23:29
#9 The 88th Lunar Cycle 26:48

Download Edit

The Lunar Voyage