"The Motto" is a Moon Man single produced by Chai and released to youtube on September 13, 2015. It focuses on killing niggers and also mentions killing jews. Near the end, Moon Man suggests that he once had a different attitude toward blacks but learned a lesson that changed his outlook. Sun Man makes a brief appearance on the track. The song appears as track 3 on Great White.

Lyrics Edit

About to cap a nigger Like one two to the three Removing all niggers from society Killing a jew is a pleasing act So bow down and suck my dick You cum-guzzler I put your mommy on my muzzler Can't guzzler this mooncockuzzler It's too big Jews remind me of pigs I hang them to dry in the warehouse by their feet What a treat Oh, what a delight It's Mac Tonight Quick to kill a nigga tonight Fuck the Black Lives Matter movement The only thing you're moving is your lifeline down to the whits(?) I shoot the niggers down bit by bit Come on, take a hit of this You black ashy-skinned creepy-looking shits I'll leave you by the roadside That is where you shall reside Until you die I won't stop Oh no I plot until I drop So fuck you Remember my message Or I'll turn your neighborhood into a pleasant wreckage Raising the new race wars Like back in '45 Hell, I'm surprised I'm still even fucking alive

[Sun Man] Hey, show some respect Stop hating on us

Hey you, fuck you I'll hate your race until the day I die I tried to once provide And was misguided with a nigger's alibi So to you I say bye-bye And to the world I say Hello I'm out of here 2015 Haha

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