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The NBC Collection is a television news music collection consisting of six different news theme packages, composed by musician Frank Gari. It was composed exclusively for NBC's local stations, whether owned and operated by NBC-Universal itself or otherwise affiliated with the network. The collection has been used by at least 60 NBC television stations around the United States.

The collection features a total of between 120 and 150 cuts of opens, closes, stingers, bumpers and promo beds in a bold format. It is the largest news music collection made for NBC stations, and consists of the following theme packages (with original clients in parenthesis):

Of the 7 packages listed above, the first four were composed in the mid-to-late 1990s, and initially each of them was marketed individually. Upon composing NBC Flagship, Gari rolled all of these packages into one, and began marketing them as the most extensive collection of NBC themes to present. NBC New Generation was released in late 2005, and made its debut on WNCN in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, although WNCN was not the original client for that group of themes.

All of the stations that license The NBC Collection are given access to each of the six themes, and it is not uncommon for a client to use more than one at a time. For example, WPXI uses Flagship as its main theme, but uses cuts from News Now for stingers and franchise opens, and a cut from New Millennium for its breaking news opens and stings. Until January 2006, WTVJ used News Now as its primary theme, but used Flagship for its morning newscast, and New Millennium and Speed Of Life as stinger and production themes.

DMA# DMA Name Station Packages Used Years Used Other Notes
2. Los Angeles, California KNBC-TV, formerly KRCA Premier 1998-2000 First station to commission package, 4th package in collection; based on Michael Boyd Music's KNBC News package from 1994-1998
9. Atlanta, Georgia WXIA-TV, formerly WQXI Speed of Life 1995-1999 First station to commission package, first package in the collection
13. Phoenix, Arizona KPNX-TV, formerly KTAR New Millennium 1998-2000 Commissioned new series of themes
Speed Of Life 2003 & 2004 Commissioned with customized signature
News Now 2003 & 2004 Commissioned with customized signature
Flagship 2005-Present
16. Miami, Florida WTVJ-TV News Now 1997-2006 First station to commission package, 2nd package in collection
New Millennium 2005 & 2006 Used for rejoins during 5pm newscast
Flagship 2005-Present Currently used on all newscasts
Speed Of Life  ? until 2006 Used for ?
19. Orlando, Florida WESH-TV News Now 2005-Present
Flagship 2006-Present
New Generation 2007-Present Introduced with launch of HD newscasts on WESH
21. St. Louis, Missouri KSDK-TV, formerly KSD New Millennium 1997-2006 First station to commission package, 3rd package in collection
Flagship 2006-Present
22. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania WPXI-TV, formerly WIIC Flagship 2004-Present First station to commission package, 5th package in collection
28. Hartford, Connecticut WVIT, formerly WHNB Flagship 2005-Present
New Generation 2005-Present
29. Raleigh, North Carolina WNCN-TV, formerly WYED Speed of Life 2004 & 2005
Flagship 2005-Present
New Generation 2005-Present 1st station to commission package, 6th package in collection
34. Cincinnati, Ohio WLWT-TV Flagship 2006-Present
37. San Antonio, Texas WOAI-TV, formerly KMOL New Millennium 1998-1999 Commissioned alongside Image News
38. West Palm Beach, Florida WPTV-TV, formerly WJNO Flagship 2005-Present
44. Memphis, Tennessee WMC-TV, formerly WMCT News Now 2002-Present
43. Las Vegas, Nevada KVBC-TV, formerly KORK New Millennium 1999-Present
KVMY-TV, formerly KVWB New Millennium 2006-Present 10pm newscast produced by KVBC
48. Louisville, Kentucky WAVE-TV New Millennium 2000-2003
51. Providence, Rhode Island WJAR-TV News Now 2005-Present
52. Jacksonville, Florida WJXX-TV Speed Of Life 2000 Simulcast with WTLV
WTLV-TV Speed Of Life 1996-2000 Simulcast with WJXX
53. Scranton, Pennsylvania WBRE-TV Flagship 2004-Present
Speed Of Life 2004-Present Opening theme used on 11pm newscast
Premier 2006 Commissioned during Winter Olympics
57. Little Rock, Arkansas KARK New Generation 2007-Present Commissioned Series 1 & 2 with the U-Phonix musical logo
61. Richmond, Virginia WWBT-TV, formerly WRVA News Now 1999-Present
62. Mobile, Alabama WPMI-TV Flagship 2005-Present
65. Flint, Michigan WEYI-TV, formerly WKNX News Now 1998-2002
67. Wichita, Kansas KSNW-TV, formerly KARD News Now 2002-2005
70. Tucson, Arizona KVOA-TV Premier 2007-Present
Flagship 2007-Present
71. Toledo, Ohio WNWO-TV, formerly WDHO News Now 1997-2004
Flagship 2004-Present
72. Honolulu, Hawaii KHNL-TV News Now 2000-2007
New Generation 2007-Present
76. Syracuse, New York WSTM-TV, formerly WSYR News Now 1999-Present
New Millennium 2002-Present
Flagship 2005-Present
78. Spokane, Washington KHQ-TV News Now 2002-Present
New Millennium 2005-Present
86. Chattanooga, Tennessee WRCB-TV, formerly WRGP News Now 1999-2006
87. South Bend, Indiana WNDU-TV News Now 2005
Flagship 2005-Present
89. Cedar Rapids, Iowa KWWL-TV New Millennium 2004-Present Currently used for morning & noon newscasts along with promos & topicals
Premier 2004-Present Was used for evening newscasts, now used for "Sports Plus"
Flagship 2004-Present Currently used for 5pm, 6pm & 10pm newscasts
97. Savannah, Georgia WSAV-TV Premier 2004-Present
99. El Paso, Texas KTSM-TV New Millennium 2005-Present
Flagship 2005-Present
101. Evansville, Indiana WFIE-TV Flagship 2006-Present First theme change since using 615 Music's News One in 1996
102. Fort Smith, Arkansas KFTA-TV, formerly KFAA News Now 2000-2004
Fayetteville, Arkansas KFTA-TV, formerly KPOM News Now 2000-2004
106. Fort Wayne, Indiana WISE-TV, formerly WKJG News Now 2003 & 2004 Jointly operated with WPTA
111. Tyler, Texas KETK-TV, formerly KTRG News Now 2004-Present
Premier 2004-Present Currently uses closing themes
Flagship 2005-Present
112. Reno, Nevada KRNV-TV Speed Of Life 2004 & 2005
New Millennium 2005-Present
113. Traverse City, MI WPBN-TV News Now 1999-2006
Flagship 2006-Present
Cheboygan, MI WTOM-TV News Now 1999-2006
Flagship 2006-Present
114. Sioux Falls, South Dakota KDLT-TV, formerly KXON Flagship 2004-Present
126. Yakima, Washington KNDO-TV News Now 2000-Present
KNDU-TV News Now 2000-Present
138. Jefferson City, Missouri KOMU-TV News Now 2003-Present Only NBC station owned by a college
139. Wilmington, North Carolina WECT-TV, formerly WMFD Flagship 2005-Present
140. Beaumont, Texas KBTV-TV, formerly KJAC New Millennium 2002-Present
143. Sioux City, Iowa KTIV-TV News Now 2001-Present
150. Terre Haute, Indiana WFXW-TV, formerly WBAK New Millennium 2004 & 2005 First package commissioned when WBAK started 10pm newscasts, produced by WTWO
Premier 2006-Present
WTWO-TV News Now 2003-2005
New Millennium 2005-Present Commissioned during 40th anniversary celebration
Flagship 2005-Present
Premier 2006-Present Commissioned after logo change
157. Panama City, Florida WJHG-TV, formerly WJDM Flagship 2005-Present
163. Pocatello, Idaho KPVI-TV, formerly KTLE New Millennium 2004-Present
166. Utica, New York WFXV-TV, formerly WTVU Premier 2002-2004
WKTV-TV Premier 1998-2005
Flagship 2005-Present
165. Laurel, Mississippi WDAM-TV News Now 2000-Present
170. Yuma, Arizona KYMA-TV New Millennium 1999-Present
News Now 1999-Present
173. Elmira, New York WETM-TV, formerly WSYE News Now 2005-Present
177. Rapid City, South Dakota KNBN-TV News Now 2003-Present
182. Charlottesville, Virginia WVIR-TV New Millennium 1999-Present
186. Grand Junction, Colorado KKCO Speed Of Life  ????-Present
189. Great Falls, Montana KBGF-LP News Now 2005-Present Commissioned after affiliation switch from FOX
198. Casper, Wyoming KCWY-TV New Millennium 2004-Present

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