"The Next Race War" is a Moon Man song recorded for The Lunatic. A live version of it can be heard on Live At the Reading Festival. It is a remix of "The Next Episode" by Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, and Kurupt.

Lyrics Edit


KKK The OG Moon is back It's the motherfucking M-double-O-N Man With another song about how much I fucking hate niggers So vote 5 faggots and then go out and kill five faggots OKKK here we go

1 2 3 4

This one is for the real boys in the hood Who throw up their gang signs made of wood We are Knights of the Southern Cross decked in white And protect your slutty coalburning daughter at night

We gas all the kikes Bullet-rape niggers and put border-hopping spics on spikes We rape gook women with slanted vaginas so tight And show those jihading camel jockeys the definition of White might

We pick up litter from the streets by lynching all the blacks And tell that fucking roach Al Sharpton to pay his federal income tax Oh yes, KKK, that is the Triple K Mafia way Lynching niggers every day, who cares what you spooks say

All niggers care about is eating fried chicken And buying another spinning rim The lightbulbs in their heads are unfortunately extremely dim Just look at the rape and crime statistics

This problem can only be solved By military-grade ballistics Those uppity monkeys stirring up shit in Baltimore Are overdue for a Kool-Aid-flavored race war

The flavor of course being grape For an extra-large serving of White-on-black rape Let's see how strong and independent You educated sheboons are

When you are choking on 1488 flavors Of my Moonman Milky Way bar Throw them on the ground with a hip toss Smack them across the head with an iron cross

They won't even notice the massive brain loss Then I'll curbstomp them like a motherfucking boss All the black apologists have already lost When Moonman starts his White Pride Holocaust

I'll arm myself with an AK And a rusty shank The streets will be littered with so many dead niggers That it'll look like a septic tank

Then I'll ferment the bodies for three weeks no more no less And create fertilizer So I can build a bomb to take care of the jewish mess Oh yes

K, K, KKK, KKK, KKK K, K, KKK...

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