"The One Universal Race Bank Heist" is the climactic skit of The Heist album, in which Moon Man, Star Man, and Cloud Man pull off their heist of the One Universal Race Bank.

Lyrics Edit

[Cloudman] This is the place.

[Starman] The One Universal Race Bank?

[Cloudman] Yeah. Disgusting name, but it's full of money the government gives to these filthy shitskins. You know the drill. Moon, you get the dough. Me and Star will watch the hostages.

We're still killing all the niggers there?

[Cloudman] Yes, only the Whites will be hostages.

[Starman] Shit, alright, let's get moving. I got an itchy trigger finger.

[Cloudman] Alright. Remember, we are going in hard, and we are popping every subhuman we see.

[they load their weapons and enter the bank]

Everyone who's White, get the fuck down. I want all you blacks to stand real still right now.

[Cloudman] Fill them up.

[gunfire and screaming]

[Starman] Everyone else, stay the fuck down. Quiet now, shush.

[Cloudman] You got the special package we talked about earlier, Double M?

Oh yeah. Let's just say we're finishing this heist with a bang.

[Cloudman] Alright. Go in and deliver the package, once the bags are filled.

[Moonman enters the safe]

Damn, so much money from those kikes for those nigger programs. Whatever, it's all ours now, and we're gonna use it to benefit WhiteTopia. And now for the special package.

[Moonman arms device and runs back out]

Get them out of here. Go, go go go.

[still running]


[Starman] Holy shit, we did it.

[Cloudman] Yeah. Now let's get fuck outta here before the fuzz gets here.

[They get back in the car]

[Cloudman] Turn up some tunes, Mac.

["Moon Man Been Smooth" from The White Album - Part 1 starts playing]