The Paramount is a television news music package composed by Frank Gari of Gari Communications. It was composed in 1997 and features up to 50 cuts of opens, closes, stingers, bumpers and promo beds in a bold and aggressive format that differs from other news packages. It has been used by seven television stations around the United States, three UPN sations and four Fox stations.

The package was originally intended for UPN's local stations (hence its name), but it has also been used on four Fox affiliates: WACH in Columbia, South Carolina, KOKI in Tulsa, WTVW in Evansville, Indiana, and KKFX-CA in Santa Barbara, California.

Stations that used or have used The ParamountEdit

DMA# DMA Name Station Affiliation Years Used Other Notes
11. Detroit, Michigan WKBD The CW, formerly Independent, Fox, UPN 1997-2002 First station (along with KSTW) to commission package, but also used when that station had a news operation
13. Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida WTOG The CW, formerly Independent, Fox, UPN 1998 Used when that station had a news operation
14. Seattle, Washington KSTW The CW, formerly CBS, Independent, UPN 1997-1998 First station (along with WKBD) to commission package
61. Tulsa, Oklahoma KOKI-TV Fox. formerly Independent 2002-2004
79. Columbia, South Carolina WACH, formerly WCCT Fox, formerly Independent 2002-present
102. Evansville, Indiana WTVW Fox, formerly ABC 2005-2009
121. Santa Barbara, California KKFX-CA Fox 2006-2009

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