The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct is a controversial book on the topic of paedophilia by Philip R. Greaves II. The book, which presents a sympathetic view of paedophiles and offers its readers advice on how to avoid getting in trouble with the law, was banned by Amazon in 2010. Its United States store had previously offered the book as a Kindle ebook download for $4.79. Readers threatened to boycott Amazon over its selling of the book, which was described by critics as a "paedophile guide". Amazon initially refused to ban the book, saying that the site "believes it is censorship not to sell certain books simply because we or others believe their message is objectionable"[1] and that the site “supported the right of every individual to make their own purchasing decisions”. However, the site later relented and removed the book.[2] The San Francisco Chronicle wrote that Amazon "

defended the book, then removed it, then reinstated it, and then removed it again." [1]

Christopher Finan, the president of the American Booksellers Association for Free Expression, argued that the book should not have been banned on the grounds that it was neither child pornography nor legally obscene, due to the fact that it does not have pictures. On the other hand, Enough is Enough, a child safety organization, issued a statement saying that the book should be removed and that it "lends the impression that child abuse is normal." [3]

In 2002 and 2009 respectively, Amazon had removed the book Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers and the video game RapeLay as a result of similar controversies.[2]


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