"The Perfect Couple"
The Inside episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 10
Written by Ben Edlund
Directed by Vern Gillum
Guest stars Matt Keeslar (Roddy Davis)
Michael Kostroff (Rick Byers)
Steve Sandvoss (Corey Hall)
Maite Schwartz (Vickie Armstrong)
Kasey Wilson (Debbie Hobbs)
Rich T. Sickler (Medical Examiner)
Mathew Botuchis (Dean)
Gabriel Tigerman (Marco)
Jamie Elle Mann (Jessica Dobrennin)
Abigail Kintanar (Girl in Club)
Amber Benson (Allison Davis)
Original airdate March 24, 2006 (Flag of the United Kingdom)
Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Little Girl Lost" "Point of Origin"

The Perfect Couple is the 10th episode of the American FBI crime drama The Inside which is set in Los Angeles. This aired on Britain's ITV4.


The VCD team is searching for a man on a killing spree, who is covering up rapes by shooting the victims' genitalia before finishing them off in the woods. When Rebecca is sent as bait in the nightclub where all the victims were last seen, the team soon realizes that they might have viewed the case in the wrong way.

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