1990 and 1991Edit

"NBC: The Place To Be" is the slogan that NBC used from 1990 to 1992, and the second of the campaigns to feature the current six-feathered peacock. During this period, several new series arrived to supplement shows such as The Cosby ShowCheers and A Different World. Some of the most notable changes included the premiere of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the short-lived Ferris Bueller, and Blossom, which replaced Bueller in January 1991.

1990: MTV-Style Heavy RockEdit

NBC ident from 1990

NBC ident showing the slogan year one of "The Place to Be" (1990-1991 version)

In the first year of The Place to Be, the full length promo was 2:57 in length. The promo also was different than its predecessors in that its jingle utilized a modern rock soundtrack. It was also presented in such a manner that resembled MTV's music videos in order to appropriately fit the '90s and target a much younger audience.

The promo begins with a brief shot of a music stand/lecturn which from behind, a blue spotlight comes on. After this, some NBC stars seat themselves as audience members as they are waiting to what appears to be a concert. Meanwhile, an orchestra featuring The Cosby Show's Raven Symoné with an electric guitar is seen rehearsing for the musical number. The rehearsing abruptly stops when Bill Cosby arrives at the music stand where he takes on the role of conductor, while Kadeem Hardison controls the blue spotlight.

The video then cuts to a stage in the same theatre where various stars from NBC shows such as The Golden GirlsThe Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and even Johnny Carson from The Tonight Show dancing or engaging in different activities/motions in front of a giant wall of television sets stacked one on top of each other often showing clips of NBC shows as well as the letters NB, and C and the peacock logo. Midway through the promo, a segment featuring returning shows such as LA LawThe Cosby Show, and Empty Nest is shown followed by one featuring freshman shows; among them the now long running and Emmy Award winning Law & Order.

Towards the end of the program, the music ceases abruptly and the lights go out. The culprit was shown to be then-host of Late Night'David Letterman (shown on a TV) who apparently tripped on a pair of power cords. Letterman briefly laughs then re-plugs it resuming the promo. As the promo winds down we see the NBC logo above yellow lettering stating "The Place to Be" amidst brownish black background with CGI glass squares of different colors moving in different directions. Finally as the music stops, Raven hollers and exits the stage, as the audience applauses. This ident borrows the 1989 Sky Movies (UK) ident.

For TV ident bumpers, the NBC ident with the slogan was shown with Don LaFontaine saying, "NBC is the Place to Be!".

1991: R&B Dance ThemeEdit


NBC ident from year two slogan of "The Place to Be" (1991-1992)

This slogan returned for the 1991-92 season. The musical soundtrack for this second year was an upbeat R&B dance piece heavily scored by a choir-organ. Male vocals featured the chorus lyrics "Everybody knows we're the place to be!", and ended with the main stinger, "Got everybody watchin'..NBC's the place to be." A synthesized, hip rendition of the NBC chimes were a major integration into the song. The principal graphic motif features layers of color (the colors of which represent the NBC peacock) pressing atop each other, followed by the peacock placing itself in front of the layers. The peacock is positioned so that the edges meet and exceed all sides of the screen. Over the peacock, a glossy, black half-circle bar travels, with "The Place to Be" appearing on it in futuristic, white capital lettering.

Just prior to the start of this season, Brandon Tartikoff ended his widely-praised decade-long run as programming chief. The second season of The Place to Be effectively heralded the end of his era, as many of the hit shows he greenlighted during the 1980s were concluding their runs. In the spring of 1992, Night CourtThe Cosby Show and The Golden Girls bid farewell; In the Heat of the Night was also leaving NBC, but moved to CBS for two more years. Matlock was also leaving NBC, but move to ABC for three more years. Most importantly, Johnny Carson retired from The Tonight Show that May, increasingly proving that the face of the network was changing. This was also the final year that NBC utilized the CGI animation of Harry Marks in its network image; the new musical and graphic elements of the NBC movie intros (mainly the NBC Sunday and Monday Night Movie) brought out that year were modeled on the 1991 The Place to Be campaign.

Local VersionsEdit

International versionsEdit

  • In ItalyLa7 in 2003 and in the Philippines's GMA-7 was used in 1996. Elements of the promo were used in "Aqui Tem" for Brazil's SBT in 1992 and the Seven Network's Good Vibrations campaign of 1992-93.

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