1991 and 2001Edit

2001: ABC-StyleEdit

The promo begins with the 1972 "This is the place to be" promo.

Towards the end of the clip, the music ceases abruptly and the lights go out. The culprit was then shown to be the text. The "Come this September, This is the Place to Be" sound then plays, resuming the promo. As the promo resumes the lyrics change (such as "This is The Place to Be" which is changed to "Seven's the Place to Be"). Finally as the music stops, the TV7 logo shows up, as the audience applauses.

1991: Heavy RockEdit

The 1991 version is the same as NBC's 1990 promo, except that it's different. For example, it shows Edgar and Eva exercising in the alley. At the end we see the NBC 1990 logo, with the peacock changed to the TV7 logo.

In the ident, we see that it's the same, except that the singers say "TV7, The Place to Be", and the peacock is replaced with the TV7 logo.

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