"The Story of Old Man McGee" is a Moon Man song that was released during his classic YTMND era. It tells the story of a noble White supremacist, Old Man McGee, who witnesses niggers ruining his country and dreams of a better, Whiter world.

This song appears on the Notorious KKK mixtape.

Lyrics Edit

Let me tell you a little story about Old Man McGee

He killed one nigger, then two, then three

One day he saw an ape high on LSD, eating fried chicken at the local KFC

The area was infested by trashy coons, full of horny ugly dark sheboons

They looked and smelled like soup baboons

McGee stood out as bright as the Moon

All the apes he saw were black as tar

At night, you could not see them from afar

They always drink Guinness beer at the bar, and they can't even drive a remote control car

Another day, he saw a 'boon high on crank

Attempting to rob the LA Central Bank, probably because niggers are of low social rank

He smelled like hospital's large septic tank

He dreamed of when people's skin would be all alabaster

And realized niggers were becoming a disaster

The guard chased the ape, but too bad he was faster, to see him he had to use an IR blaster

One time old McG was so pissed off, from all the dumb niggers spreading the whooping cough

He went to Big 5, and bought a cattle whip, to crack all the niggers right in the whore lips

The apes didn't like it at all, one bit

So they formed a mob that was very tight-knit

They gathered in the Ferguson and Baltimore jungles, and didn't stop until their reputation crumbled

They thought they were starting a worldwide uprising, the minuscule scale was not surprising

The old man knew the mob was his creation, But he still had niggers in his plantation

He knew one day that the madness would be over, and that there were bigger problems down at the borde

So he cracked open a Coors and gazed into the sunset, 'Cause the minority races could not pose as a threat

But the circumstances left him to wonder, Was the slave trade America's biggest blunder?

We brought them here with dark skin and black hair, but if your culture's so rich then go the fuck back there

So he had the idea to do an all-White klan, he knew this would be his only last-ditch plan, to save his country from the godforsaken black man

But here we are now, and all we need is Moonman

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