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The Threat From the Sea is a series written mostly by Mel Odom. It contains three novels: Rising Tide, Under Fallen Stars, and The Sea Devil's Eye. It also contains the anthology book, Realms of the Deep. The series tells the tale of the world beneath the oceans rising up to attack the surface world. It follows the adventures of Jherek Wolf's-Get, Pacys the bard, Sabyna the wizard, and Laqueel the malenti as they try to find their place in the world during this time of crisis. The series takes place between the Forgotten Realms years of 1354, the Year of the Bow and 1369, the Year of the Gauntlet.

Works includedEdit

  1. Rising Tide (1999)
  2. Under Fallen Stars (1999)
  3. Realms of the Deep (2000)
  4. The Sea Devil's Eye (2000)

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