The Ultimate Collection - Part 1: Notorious KKK is the first part The Ultimate Collection, the first official Moon Man greatest hits album.

The second part, Grand Finale, came out in early 2016.

Tracklisting Edit

Track # Track Name From Album
1 Notorious KKK Notorious KKK
2 Fresh White WhiteTopia
3 Behind Jew Eyes WhiteTopia
4 Cracker WhiteTopia
5 Niggerstein The Spook EP
6 Fuck the Immigrants (The Refugee Song) KKK-Unit (unreleased when this album released)
7 Mein Führer Singles: Volume 3
8 Ferguson WhiteTopia
9 The Real Moon Man WhiteTopia (as "Intro")
10 Religion Of Peace (and Booking A Room [hidden]) WhiteTopia
BONUS Moon Eastwood Singles: Volume 3
BONUS Fresh White (Triple-K Remix) WhiteTopia

Download Edit

The Ultimate Collection - Part 1: Notorious KKK

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