"The Underneath"
Ghost Whisperer episode
Episode no. Season 3 (2007-2008)
Episode 1
Written by John Gray
Directed by John Gray
Production no. 301
Original airdate Septemeber 28, 2007
Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"The Gathering (Season Finale)" "Don't Try This At Home"
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"The Underneath" is the forty-fifth episode of the CBS television series Ghost Whisperer. The episode is also the first episode for the show's third season. It aired on Friday, September 28, 2007.

Episode RecapEdit

Jennifer goes to Melinda’s store to sell some belongings that came from her deceased parent’s house. Melinda then helps Jennifer with her father who died when she was only a toddler. Someone takes photos of Melinda and they show something suspicious. Melinda finds that she has a hidden connection to Grandview while digging into her families past.

Cast Edit

Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Anne Arche as Beth Gordon
  • Robert Blanche as Ray Billings
  • Sarah Jaye as Young Beth Gordon
  • Chris Ufland as Young Town Official
  • Wayne Pere as Doctor Hayes
  • Martin Donovan as Tom Gordon
  • Marina Benedict as Mary Bellings
  • Omid Abtahi as Justin Yates
  • Grace Fulton as Young Melinda
  • Jayma Mays as Jennifer Bellings
  • Kris Lemche as Scott the Ghost
  • Afemo Omilami as The Archivist
  • Brandon Lim as Fred


  • Ghost Whisperer on CBS's Website [1]

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