"The White Man Marches On" is a Moon Man song that parodies "The Battle Hymn of the Republic", targeting jews, niggers, and spics. The first verse's lyrics are taken from the film American History X. The song is track 10 on the White Blood EP.

Lyrics Edit

My eyes have seen the glory of the trampling at the zoo I've washed my hands in niggers' blood and all the mongrels' too We're ripping down the ZOG machine, jew by jew by jew The White Man marches on

I hate the way those niggas act, like they are fools I'll kill them with our guns and knives, and any other tool I'll drag their heads across the land, mule by mule by mule The White Man marches on

I've seen some things that you don't even know Spic stole all my fucking shit so I let him live but made him work, mow by mow by mow The White Man marches on

I knew a jew that I fucking beat He also screamed when he fucking felt the heat I ate his jew body, it made pretty good meat The White Man marches on

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