"The Withdrawal" is a skit that appears on The Heist album.

The skit tells the story of a Moon Man bank robbery. It begins with Cloud Man warning Moon Man not to kill anybody, just before Moon Man enters the bank. Moon Man approaches a teller, played by Audrina Patridge, and demands that she give him money. A nigger appears during the heist, played by Sun Man, and Moon Man shoots him. He realizes that the teller is a witness just as the track ends, and the next track on the album begins with a gunshot.

Lyrics Edit

[Cloudman] Alright look.

[Moonman] Uh huh.

[Cloudman] Just go in that motherfucker, get the fucking money, and get the fuck outta there. I'll be right here waiting for you.


[Cloudman] Yo Moon.


[Cloudman] Don't kill nobody this time.

Not even a nigger?

[Cloudman] No, not even a nigger.


[Moonman enters bank]

How you doing?

[Audrina] Hi. How can I help you?

Yeah, I need to make a withdrawal. Put the fucking money in the bag, bitch, and I won't kill you.

[Audrina] What? Oh my god. Don't kill me.

I'm not gonna kill you.

[Audrina] Don't kill me.

Quit looking around.

[Audrina] Please don't kill me.

I said I'm not gonna kill you.

[Sunman] Ooga booga.

But I am gonna kill that nigger. [gunshot]

[Audrina] Oh my god oh my god.

Shit, a witness.

[Audrina] Please don't kill me.

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