The X Package is a television news music package composed by Frank Gari of Gari Communications. The package, along with its sister news theme, The X-2 Package, features up to 120 cuts of opens, closes, bumpers, stingers and promo beds in a bold action news format.

The X Package was commissioned in 1999 by Fox-owned and operated station (O&O) KTTV/11 in Los Angeles. It features the 20th Century Fox fanfare at the beginning of some of the cuts, including the main news open, and is only marketed to Fox's local stations. 13 stations have used the X Package at some point in time, and now only 16 stations, either Fox affiliates or non-Fox affiliates still uses the theme as of 2008. KTTV no longer uses the theme.

Gari's Good Day package was originally part of the X Package; it is currently marketed as a separate package.

The X Package is divided into two themes, one with the Fox-like drumroll, and one without.

Stations that used or have used The X PackageEdit

DMA# DMA Name Station Affiliation Years Used Notes
2. Los Angeles, California KTTV Fox 1999-2006 First station to commission package
18. Denver, Colorado KDVR Fox 2000-2008
37. San Antonio, Texas WOAI-TV NBC 2007-2009
38. West Palm Beach, Florida WFLX Fox 2002-2008
43. Norfolk, Virginia WVBT Fox 2008-present Premiered with newscast's debut in high-definition
72. Honolulu, Hawaii KFVE-TV MyNetworkTV 2004-present
91. Colorado Springs, Colorado KXRM-TV Fox 2001-present
95. Baton Rouge, Louisiana WBXH-CA MyNetworkTV 2007-present
104. Florence/Myrtle Beach, Florida WPDE ABC 2007-present
WWMB The CW 2007-present Aired a 10pm newscast produced by WPDE
115. Augusta, Georgia WFXG Fox 2004-present
121. Santa Barbara, California KCOY-TV CBS 2009-present
KKFX-CA Fox 2009-present 10pm newscast produced by KCOY-TV
124. Monterey, California KION-TV CBS 2009-present
KCBA Fox 2009-present 10pm newscast produced by KION-TV
128. Columbus, Georgia WXTX Fox 2004-present Aired a 10pm newscast produced by WTVM
134. Wilmington, North Carolina WSFX-TV Fox 2004-present
143. Lubbock, Texas KJTV-TV Fox 2000-present
146. Erie, Pennsylvania WFXP Fox 2003-present 10pm newscast produced by WJET-TV
147. Albany, Georgia WFXL Fox Date unknown-present
148. Joplin, Missouri KFJX Fox 2004-2006 9pm newscast produced by KOAM
150. Anchorage, Alaska KTBY Fox 2000-present
183. Charlottesville, Virginia WAHU-CA Fox 2006-present
184. Grand Junction, Colorado KFQX Fox 2005-2008

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