The Young Adventurers is a collection of books written by Enid Blyton[1] . They were originally published as the Riddle Series in 1997 by Collins. The “Young Adventurers” versions were published in 2004 and are illustrated by Patricia Ludlow.[2]

The names of the six books are as follows :

In this series, Nick and Katie, the two twins, along with others, solve different excellent mysteries. In the book The Riddle of The Hollow Tree, it is told that Nick and Katie's parents die from a car accident. But, through many difficulties and hardships, they did not give up.


  • Nick Terry - Katie's brother, Nick is known to be very responsible, excited and waiting for adventures.
  • Katie Terry - Nick's brother, Katie is also the same as Nick and loves adventures.
  • Gareth - He appeared in the book The Riddle of Holiday House. He was very gloomy because of his brother Peter who was wrongly accused of stealing the precious jewelery of the boarding - school he studied in.
  • Mike and Penny - The two twins, who appeared in the books The Riddle That Never Was and The Riddle of The Rajah's Ruby. They also helped them in their adventures. As written in the book The Riddle of The Hollow Tree, they managed Nick's dog Punch, while they were away.
  • Laura - Nick and Katie's most friendly accompany, Laura also helped them in their adventures. Her parents offered them to stay at their house in the book The Riddle of The Hollow Tree. In the later books namely The Riddle of The Hidden Treasure and The Riddle of The Boy Next Door, she was there to in their adventures.


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