"Then and Now" is a song that Moon Man recorded for his Genocide Personified EP. For the backing track it uses "Rock Instrumental Hip-Hop" by Makeeng-Prod.

Lyrics Edit


Just reminiscing about the good old days Now I'm gonna rip this shit once more 1, 2

Back in school we used to snigger Ha ha look at the dirty little nigger, little cottonpicker As he went back home to his dicklicker of a single mom Bingeing on malt liquor

Working a side job as a stripper We used to kick his ass during recess Oh yes we made a mess of his face on the concrete Left him laying in the midday heat

Man, those days were neat Teachers looked the other way because they hated the little monkey too Said he smelled like a warm brew Of pickles and shit with a dash of armpit

The good days when people weren't afraid to speak their mind Back when thoughts weren't a crime But now I'm in my prime The jews can't arrest me if they try, they can't topple this White Pride

I go outside and pull the trigger on a mudperson Walking out of a store with stolen goods Media fear will worsen As another black crackwhore realizes I killed her son

Claims he was getting his life back on track Before my planned attack But it doesn't hurt to look back on the fact That spearchuckers have no brain capacity

Causing issues in the community And when I get my hands on those spooks it won't be pretty Take a trip to New York City I unleash my Aryan fury

Take no pity on any nigger, spic, or kike Snipe every dyke For the Fourth Reich Yeah, I'd do that for a Klondike

Make my way to Baltimore Shitskins galore Time to finish my daily tour of the minority massacre What more could you ask for?

I'm just here to inspire every little White kid Who's in dire need of a little cross on fire To show them that Triple K won't let them be led astray It's the only way

So they better get on the hate train Or else they'll be slain by the ZOG And the nogs who will treat them like dogs When the world is buried under mosques and synagogues

We need to prevent the bad timeline, it doesn't take an Einstein Just pick up anything from a nine to a carbine Even a golf club is fine Whatever sends them to Hell is perfectly well

So next time you smell malt liquor and feces A coon is nearby, lay his ass in pieces The power of the Klan increases as the Moon releases more albums to counter censorship You won't keep Moonman down jews The Moon is only just beginning to rise

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