Terri McGreggor is a character from the Degrassi: The Next Generation TV series. She is acted by Christina Schmidt. She regularly appeared in seasons one to three. She is introduced in season 1 as a teen who worries about her weight. She is friends with Paige Michalchuk. She is on the Lacrosse team.She is always very sensitive about her weight. She is very good at Lacrosse.

Season 3Edit

In Season 3 a secret Admirer kept putting roses on her locker. She suspects it was Toby because he kept on following her around the school. But it turns out that Toby was just doing a project. She later waits at the school and catches Rick Murray putting the flower in the locker. They decide to start a relationship together and are friends.

Later in the season Rick goes on to abuse her.In one episode he goes to far and puts her in a coma by accident.She is taken to a hospital while she recovers.

She is visited by many of her friends while in the hospital such as Paige,Spinner,and Ashley. She recovers and then transfers to a private school outside of Toronto to be in a safer environment.

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