Thibbledorf Pwent is a fictional character in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. He is a dwarven battlerager (the Most Wild Battlerager as he has called himself), a type of warrior characterized by their unorthodox style of fighting. He wears armor with many incredibly sharp ridges and set-at his knuckles, elbows, knees, and toes-with hooked spikes, which he uses to tear his opponents to shreds by wrapping them in a bear hug and flailing about until his victim goes limp, often continuing to mutilate corpses of his victims out of shear blood lust. He is also credited with the formation of the Gutbuster Brigade, a battalion of dwarven battleragers similar to Pwent and named after a favorite drink of Pwent.

Pwent is somewhat older than Bruenor Battlehammer, his king, and lived in Mithral Hall before Clan Battlehammer was driven out by a shadow dragon and an army of duergar. He spent the next couple of centuries as a mercenary, developing himself into the Battlerager. When he heard that Mithral Hall had been reclaimed and Bruenor installed as king, he journeyed posthaste to present himself to Bruenor.

Undoubtedly, Pwent's most distinguishing characteristic is the almost toxic stench emanating off his body (the dwarves at Mithral Hall reckon his armpit can curl a hardy flower from a distance of fifty yards). He is a true dwarf in this regard, and harbors a deep sense of hydrophobia. Indeed, when Pwent oversteps his bounds and becomes too overbearing, Bruenor would often threaten to order him to take a bath, which is usually enough to cow the nearly fearless battlerager. By normal dwarven practice, this order would be as unthinkable as a human king ordering his knights to go out and kill babies.

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