"Thismoonugly" is the intro to the Moonman and Leeroy EP. It is a parody of "Thisniggaugly" by Earl Sweatshirt featuring Tyler, the Creator. In it, Moon Man introduces Dylann Roof to his younger cousin Leeroy, whom Roof then proceeds to mercilessly mock. Leeroy only speaks one word in the track, his own name in response to Roof. Moon Man persuades Leeroy to show Roof his rap skills, which he does in the next track on the album, "Lee".

Lyrics Edit

[Dylann Roof] What up Moonman? What's going on?

I'm just hanging out

[Dylann Roof] What are you looking at?

Oh it's nothing, forget it

[Dylann Roof] Let me see. Who the fuck is this?

Oh, this guy? This dude?

[Dylann Roof] Look at his forehead ha ha

This my little cousin on my mother's side, his father died He was living with my grandmother on the north side of Sacramento But this Moon just visiting, he's settling in He can't wait to start meddling and doing the evil shit we do If you are wondering, he fucking kills people who are black And everything else, and he raps too He's the newest Moon KKKrew member MP

[Dylann Roof] What's this faggot's name?

[Leeroy] Leeroy

[Dylann Roof] Moonman, faggot's forehead is so fucking big This faggot, look at this fucking faggot's lips Man, this faggot's lips look like a split sundae I bet he can't even rap

Oh, he can rap Come on Leeroy, don't be nervous I'll fucking beat this faggot up if he says shit Lee, come on, say something Come on