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"Thrift Shop" is a Moon Man single produced by Moon Man himself and released to youtube in 2015. It is a remix of "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The song focuses on killing niggers but also briefly mentions jews. Sun Man makes a brief appearance in the song, calling Moon Man a "cold-ass honky." The song appears as track 2 on Singles: Volume 3.

Lyrics Edit

Yo yo yo It's the essential Krescent Klansman Back to incinerate some jews with these hot rhymes Tell the haters the Moon never sets, ha ha Turn the beat up

Walk into the club like "What up, I got a loaded glock" Shoot every chicken wing player like I'm in Iraq If your'e a nigger, get on the chopping block

You're straight outta Compton You're straight outta luck Fill any street nigger up with lead, I don't give a fuck Oooga booga, you fucking apes

Nigger babies are just fleshlights to me One less nigger growing up and taking taxes from me I don't really care about your hate speech Wipe a nigger off the planet, one less welfare leech, yeah

I'm the one and only, the un-empathetic Letting niggers know their failure is genetic EBT food-stomping niggers back to Ethiopia Slowly killing, working, building White utopia, yeah

Kikes don't see me coming 'cause they have myopia Every jew be stealing money from you and me Yo, 'cause you can't call me racist when you are fucking dead, yeah Triple K, putting niggers in bed

[Sun Man] Moon Man, Moon Man You're a cold-ass honky

[gunshots] And you're a dead-ass monkey One less nigger's for the boys in blue What more can an honest taxpaying Moon do?

Niggers aren't people so I won't feel a thing If the ghetto is a zoo then I'm the Lion King Shredding niggers up and stealing their bling I'm the hottest Moon player on the right wing

So, I'm going to shoot some apes Only got twenty rounds in my pocket Skin them and bin them, make a coat out of their shit skin Sell it to a liberal at the thrift shop

Yo, what you know about helping Uncle Sam? Twist niggers' heads off, I don't give a damn The sound of dead niggers is just my jam Shoutout to /pol/, holla to my fam

Killing niggers all around the Earth Making your mom's pussy squirt With these eight inches of pure Moon girth Showing bitches why Moon rock is worth what it's worth Step one step too far out of line, niggers I fucking dare you No amount of chickenwings will prepare you From when the KKK electric chair you Where's your oppression then? You're fucking with the wrong race

So, niggers enjoy the attention of the cuck media And the sympathy of the leftist academia When the White Lion awakes I'd better not see ya So provoke us more, niggers, I wouldn't want to be ya

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